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Women's Thermals & Base Layers


Conduction, convection, evaporation, radiation and respiration…you lose body heat in a number of ways. In winter, it gets harder to retain your body warmth which is why thermals and thermal underwear are indispensable pieces of clothing when the coldness sets in.

At Kathmandu, we have women’s thermals for all outdoor activities whether you’re into your snowboarding, climbing, hiking or travelling. Search for your ideal thermal underwear for all seasons on our site – so you can retain your body heat when the mercury drops.

Women’s thermals – finding the right ones to suit your lifestyle

When you’re skiing or boarding at your favourite mountain resort, comfort should be one of your highest priorities. Dump those old, synthetic unmentionables and your beloved non-breathable tee and invest in thermal underwear for women.

It can be a tough choice deciding on the best combination of thermal underwear for yourself. Your options can include: short or long sleeve tops, fleece or merino fabric and leggings.

And while you’re looking for thermals to suit your style, why not get some great men’s thermals and underwear too.

Thermal underwear for women – looking great while staying warm

How can your thermal underwear feel comfortable, look great and keep you warm when it’s made out of such thin fabric?

With fantastic materials like merino and fleece, these thermals are able to provide some insulation from the cold while fighting evaporation.

As water evaporates, it pulls energy (heat) away from your skin – but your women’s thermals draw sweat away from your skin to minimise this evaporative cooling.

Stay safe – wear thermals

If you’re active, you’ll be sweating so it’s vital that you have some reliable women’s thermal underwear to comfortably wear up the mountain or around town on nippy winter days.

They’re essential for mountain sports such as skiing, hiking, mountaineering and snowboarding because you’re going to be a significant distance from shelter. With the right thermal underwear for women you’ll ensure you stay warm and dry at your base layer.

Whether you’re in the market for leggings, tops or a combination of both, your choice of women’s thermals will help you explore the outdoors in safety and comfort.