Federate Travel Range

The stylish Federate Collection – for your next urban travel adventure.
Our versatile Federate range of products features some of the latest sustainable, high-tech fabrics. They even have hidden pockets to keep your key travel items secure. Whether you’re discovering the fast-paced city streets of New York or the Euro Latin vibe of Buenos Aires, your travel adventures call for great-looking, lightweight gear.

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  1. Federate Adapt Pack
    Now £167.99
  2. Federate Adapt Women's Pack
    Now £167.99
  3. Federate Travel Pack
    Now £104.99
  4. Federate Men's Utility Jacket
    Now £79.99
  5. Federate Women's Utility Jacket
    Now £79.99
  6. Federate Men’s Down Bomber Jacket
    Now £74.99