Pertex® is renowned for its range of durable, lightweight technical fabrics. The Pertex® range has many high performance features, from wind and waterproofing, to breathability and exceptional durability.

Pertex Quantum® is an incredibly soft, light, and strong fabric. It is also highly windproof, with a softness that allows down and synthetic insulation to achieve full loft. Using the finest yarns and weighing just 30g/m2, this is the lightest Pertex® ever.

Pertex® Classic features a lightweight, yet ultra-strong construction; combining durability and performance. Made from a 40 denier Nylon yarn, this fabric has set the global standard for quality sleeping bags. Pertex® Classic is proven in expedition conditions. It cleverly moves moisture away from the body whilst offering excellent weather protection.

Pertex® Microlight fabrics are incredibly soft and light, which is essential when grams and kilos count. It is made from tightly woven yarns, with a dense weave designed to minimise weight whilst preventing heat loss. Pertex® Microlight is windproof, water-repellent and durable – making it ideal for sleeping bags and insulated apparel.

Pertex Shield® combines wind and water protection with comfort and durability. It features a microporous coating on the inside (doesn’t let water penetrate through) and is breathable, which reduces condensation within the garment. The outer side has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, which beads off water.

Flexible and lightweight, Pertex Shield® keeps you dry and comfortable.

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