Get prepared with pack&GO

Before you hit the road, reach the trailhead or jump on a plane for an overseas experience, you’ll want to find ways to reduce the bulk of your pack.

Space is limited and if you’re about to hike a long distance or travel with your life in a bag, removing volume and keeping your items compressed is vital.

In this article, we’ll aim to shed some light on what Kathmandu’s pack&GO products are and how they can make your life easier.

What exactly is pack&GO?

Our solution to the eternal problem of limited space is a range of particularly useful products labelled pack&GO. Each of these products either:

  • Packs away into its own attached pocket
  • Comes with a compact pack, or
  • Is a packing cell.

Designed to remove bulk and keep items compressed, each pack&GO product can be stuffed into its own pocket or pack. They’re part of our pack&GO travel solution.



Which products are pack&GO?

We have a variety of versatile pack&GO products that compress and pack in different ways. You can choose from:

  • Rainwear
  • Insulation
  • Fleece
  • Packs
  • Packing cells
  • Microfibre towels

How do you pack Kathmandu’s pack&GO products?

Each of our pack&GO items features our signature pack&GO↗ logo. Some of our rainwear and fleece pack into their own hand pockets, which turn inside-out to become carry bags.

Internal pockets are commonly used to compact down our pack&GO insulation. However, the innovative Yatra Down Travel Jacket folds and packs away into its own hood – and even becomes a useful pillow.

A few of our carry bags have outer pockets to pack them away when you’re not using them.



Our microfibre towels come with their own lightweight, zip carry pouches. And to pack away multiple items, packing cells will help you save space and keep your items organised.

Will pack&GO gear make your adventures easier?

Whether you’re hiking, travelling or simply on your way to work, you’ll value being able to save space and carry adaptable items.

When you’re heading into work on a day with changeable weather, a lightweight rain jacket that packs into its own small pocket offers versatility.



If you’re planning an overseas experience that may last a few years, a warm down jacket that folds into its hood to double as a pillow is a serious space saver. Likewise, a sleeping bag stuffed into a compression sack will help reduce bulk.

When you’re going on a multiday hike, you’ll want a compact towel that fits inside its own breathable pack – to help it last longer and delay odour build-up.

If you’re gathering everything you’ll need for your next trip, packing cells will help you organise and compress your stuff – and make items easier to find.

You’ll save space and enjoy better adventures with our pack&GO travel solutions.

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