Fun things to do while camping

If you’re new to camping, it’s fair to wonder what it is that people actually do on camping trips!? From stargazing to hiking, swimming, and cooking, the beauty of camping is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Here are a few classic camping ideas and tips to get you started.

Make a fire

Channel your inner caveman, grab your flint stick and start a fire! A good camp fire serves a range of activities. You can cook on it, use it as a source of light or (and perhaps most importantly) toast your marshmallows around it! As the night wears on it’ll keep you warm; so grab your guitar and share a bonding session as you harmonise your way through Kumbaya.

When you’re starting any fire, always be mindful of your surroundings. Remember that fires aren't necessarily allowed everywhere you camp. Be sure to follow any fire restrictions or regulations, they’re normally there for good reason!

A beach campfire at night
A beach campfire at night

Sleeping under the stars

It wouldn't be a list of fun camping ideas without a bit of stargazing. City dwellers, (or suburban dwellers for that matter) often don’t realise the abundance of stars hidden from the metropolitan skyscape. Light pollution from even small towns and cities can drown out an amazing celestial spectacle. But, head out of town and campers are rewarded with spectacularly speckled skies. Once you’ve built a fire, cosy up beside it in your sleeping bag (just don’t get too close) and, drift off without a care in the world.


Bushwalking is an awesome way to get into nature and make the most of your environment. You can opt for doing various day trails and set your tent up as a basecamp, or pick a lightweight tent that you can keep in your pack and pitch as you go.

Hikes can be easy or hard, long or short. They can start deep into mountain ranges and end in a swim. In short, they can be practically anything you want them to be. A classic camping idea for all fitness levels. Just remember to keep track of exactly where you’re going and how to get back, stay on the well-trekked path and be sure to keep your friends in the loop, whatever your plans.

Kayaking is great way to spend the day
Kayaking is great way to spend the day


Even though there are heaps of landscapes that lend themselves to an awesome camping experience, beachside camping is arguably one of the best ways to spend the summer. Being beside the water allows for jet skiing, fishing, kayaking and plain old swimming, and is great way to keep entertained if your holiday includes children. Simply slip, slop slap, keep the mozzies at bay with BuzzGuard and let the good times roll! Don’t forget to pack a hat though, you’ll probably need it!

Sitting and relaxing to natures soundtrack
Sitting and relaxing to natures soundtrack


With our increasingly busy lives, life’s simple pleasures often go by the wayside. Camping offers the perfect opportunity to leap off the grid, turn off the tech and grab that book you’ve been meaning to read for the last month (or five.) It’s rare we have time to ourselves so, with the soundtrack of nature in the background, pop yourself under a tree, snuggle into a camp chair and immerse yourself in a good read – Not all camping activities have to raise a sweat!