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Recovery Tag - ReturnMe

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Quick Overview

You lose it. Someone finds it. We return it to you for free. The Kathmandu Recovery Tag, powered by ReturnMe™ gets lost items back to you. More than 80% of items protected by ReturnMe™ are returned to owners within 24 hours. Here’s how it work. You activate your tag online using the unique identification number. When someone finds your item, the tag’s message “return for reward” motivates them to ring or visit www.return.Me and provide the unique tag. ReturnMe™ takes over from there, keeping your personal info safe and getting your item back to where you need it at no charge. Each tag is attached to its item for life – and it works no matter where you are in the world. Perfect for everything from cell phones to laptops, keys to luggage - and even pets.
*For the first year, enjoy complimentary return shipping. You will never pay to be notified of you found items. International shipping regulations may mean conditions apply to some items. Read the full terms and conditions at the ReturnMe™ website when you activate your tag.

1 keyring tag

  • Reward motivates finder to contact ReturnMe
  • Toll-free number and website to report items anywhere in the world
  • Unique ID code links to database for life
  • 80% of items returned within 24 hours

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