Our Design Ethos

Original. Sustainable. Engineered. Adaptive.

These four principles are the foundation of every piece that carries the Kathmandu logo.They’re the basis of the questions we ask ourselves throughout the design and manufacturing process.

We continue to engineer, evolve and reengineer solutions to give our customers the best experience. With industry-leading fabrics and clever design features, we've proven our care for craft and originality. If we can't find the technology to make something, we'll invent it. And we're proud that we see every challenge and solution through the lens of sustainability - responsible innovation is never an afterthought.

Original: Designing the Terrane Adapt Pack

The design story behind our Terrane Adapt Pack

Through in-house prototyping, we’re constantly testing our gear to make sure it’s adaptive. Being adaptive is about the ability to do more than one thing, to adjust when required, to excel in multiple environments, and to listen to the ever-changing needs of our customers – ultimately, making travel and adventure more enjoyable.


Sustainable: How to choose your Down jacket

How to choose your down jacket

We passionately believe in operating a responsible and ethical business. We drive constant innovation in sustainable product development, looking for ways to minimise our environmental impact and contribute to the broader community.


Engineered: XT Fitzgerald Boots - 1000 Days in Development

Behind the XT Fitzgerald Boots

With industry-leading fabrics and clever design features, we are committed to engineering thoughtful solutions.


Adaptive: Gear that adapts

Adaptable gear

At Kathmandu we're all travellers. We're passionate about gear that works well. Adaptability is a key element of our design philosophy. Our gear is built to adapt and withstand the harsh conditions of our home country, and the global adventures of our customers.