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Gift cards can be purchased online for a value between £20 and £1000.

Reward vouchers & e-gift cards

When purchasing an e-gift card, select the design, amount, personal message and email address you would like the card sent to. ‘Add’ this to your cart and continue shopping. After checkout, the e-gift card will be sent automatically to your nominated email address and can be used online immediately.

Online reward vouchers and e-gift cards can be used for multiple purchases online, until the balance reaches zero. They cannot be reloaded or exchanged for cash.

Redeeming your gift card or reward voucher

To use your gift card or voucher online, enter its code and PIN at checkout. Click on ‘Redeem a gift card’ and this value will be deducted from your shopping total.

You can view your gift card and voucher balance online at any time by entering your number and PIN.

e-gift cards or vouchers can be redeemed in total or used as part of payment, and only in the country of purchase. We do not refund cash for any unused gift card or voucher amount. Unredeemed values will remain on the gift card or voucher.

Lost or stolen gift cards & vouchers

Treat your gift cards and vouchers like cash. Lost and stolen gift cards and vouchers will not be replaced or refunded.

To view the full conditions, see Terms & Conditions.

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