Our Community

We live, work and play as part of a wider community, so we’ve partnered with a bunch of organisations to promote community-based initiatives like disaster aid, fair trade and workers’ rights, as part of our commitment to positive change.

Investing in people

Our community strategy supports global change through individual actions.

We believe in the power of travel and adventure to change the world. Our mission is to make great gear that opens up travel and adventure to everyone.

We know that we need to put people first, and that human rights is our number one material issue. For these reasons we invest in our communities.

Kathmandu’s Community Investment Strategy aims to improve people’s lives by focusing on three areas:

  1. empowering our customers

  2. supporting projects that have positive impacts on our local communities

  3. contributing to measurable social improvements in Nepal, the region that inspires our brand

Diagram showing our community investment strategy