Polygiene & Freshguard

The last thing you’ll want to do when travelling is your laundry.
Wear our garments treated with Polygiene® and Freshguard™ which help control odour, and you’ll be able to wash less often.
Ideal for travelling, they’ll stay fresh for longer – plus you’ll save time, water and energy.

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  1. Logo Men’s Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt
    Members Price £19.79
  2. Logo Women’s Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt
    Members Price £19.79
  3. RFIDtech Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt
    Members Price £62.99
  4. RFIDtech Women’s Dress
    Members Price £71.99
  5. Lawrence Women's Travel Trousers
    Members Price £58.49
  6. KMD Coordinates Men’s T-Shirt
    Members Price £19.79