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Travel has evolved: what’s new for winter

KMD Winter2017 RT 7276

Kathmandu gear is designed to travel. And for 30 years, we’ve tested and adapted our gear based on your feedback. We’re proud to have been part of your travels — from your first backpacking adventure to annual family camping trips.

There’s plenty of nostalgia about all the gear we’ve loved over the years. But the lessons you’ve taken from the road have helped us engineer gear that will let you pack less, do more and look good.

This season, we wanted put our new gear through its paces against some of our original 1987 classics. We surprised best mates Ben and Harry with an epic adventure using the best gear from 1987 and 2017.

Gear that's evolved: Ben and Harry take on Spain

Travel, explore and do more with less gear.

They went from NZ to Spain — Ben was decked out in all the gear and mod cons of today, while Harry complemented his vintage gear with cutting edge 80s technology; the Walkman.

During their travels they went hiking, hit the markets, visited some famous tapas spots, played football with the locals and spoke plenty of Spanglish (Harry’s 30-year-old phrase book got a workout!).

While Harry stayed true to the 1987 aesthetic, Ben had the chance to test out the gear that has evolved — including the new Transfer Pack and the Benmore 5-in-1 Jacket.

The latest in travel gear

Transfer Pack

The Transfer Pack is built to travel through airports, cities and the outdoors. Features include a removable pod to easily grab your devices mid-flight, a built-in rain cover to protect your valuables, and a separate laptop compartment. It’s designed for modern adventure travellers who want it all.

KMD Winter2017 RT 4986

Benmore 5-in-1 Jacket

With its waterproof outer shell, down bomber jacket, and down vest, the Benmore will let you mix and match on the go to create just the right combo of warm and dry for each moment. Mountain-ready while personifying city style, it’ll take you from the trail to the tapas bar.


What else is possible?

Travel has evolved and so has our gear. Explore the 2017 Kathmandu winter range.