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First 360° XT Range


The XT Series is our premium range, the culmination of exceptional design, extensive testing and extreme performance.

This season, we’re super stoked to add the Fitzgerald XT Boot to our XT offering. Designed by our in-house experts, handcrafted at one of the world’s best mountaineering boot workshops in Italy and rigorously tested by one of our Best In Field gear tester athletes, it truly is a world class piece of kit.

Kathmandu's General Manager of Products, Ben Ryan, says, "When we put the XT series logo on a product, it is our ultimate mark of excellence that is only given when we have put the gear through the ultimate testing ground in the field as well as in development."

"Nothing goes into the XT Series until we are confident that we are delivering the best solution for outdoor people, where their equipment is the ultimate difference between success and failure," he adds.

Tested in the most testing conditions, you're set to achieve the extraordinary in the premium XT Series.

Our Fitzgerald XT Boot is our best boot yet for people that need a rugged high country boot that is also crampon compatible, and feels supportive and comfortable from the first day out.

It completes our XT Series range, so now we have everything you need – from down jacket and rainwear to tent, pack, sleeping bag and hiking boots – to push your limits in extreme conditions and achieve the extraordinary.

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