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Designing The Terrane

Designing the Terrane

Kathmandu equipment designer Blake talks through the design story behind the Terrane Adapt pack; the ultimate travel pack and our most versatile design yet.

Kathmandu has always made versatile hybrid trolley bags that can be worn as backpacks, but a few years ago we asked ourselves: can we reverse the challenge – an adventure travel backpack that's also got wheels?

“We asked the question: if you can pull a handle out, why can't you pull a wheel set out?” says Kathmandu Product Designer Blake Richardson.

The first prototype, nicknamed ‘Frankenstein’, set out to test this idea. Two trolley handles were literally cobbled together – welded, riveted, screwed and glued.

“I made the first prototype, dragged it around the car park, poured sand and gravel in it, curbed it, all with 30kg in the bag – and it seemed to handle it fairly well. The next step was more prototyping and testing.”

It’s taken two years of revisions and prototypes to get from ‘Frankenstein’ to the launch of the Terrane Adapt Pack.

The final wheel system is so innovative, it’s a world-first – a patent is pending. The pull-out system means the pack can accommodate our top-end C3 travel and hiking harness system.

“The whole design ethos is that you fluff around less with your pack and spend more time adventuring,” says Blake. “It's designed to grasp every opportunity. There's no excuses that you don't have the right gear.”

The Terrane Adapt is available as part of our range along with a whole collection of products that fit with the theme ‘adapt’.

“It's a flagship piece for the adapt message,” says Blake. “The whole purpose of its creation was because there was the need for a travel bag to adapt.”