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Hybrid Trolley

15 years in the making

When the journey began in 2002, we wanted to give travellers a better option – the option to wheel or carry their bag whenever they needed to switch things up. It’s had a few different names over the years but the insight has never changed: a travel bag that’s versatile and adaptive. 


The Cargo Trolley Bag

Things really took off with the rugged Cargo Trolley Bag – a piece of luggage that made airline travel easier for Kiwis and Aussies.


With a zip-off brief, the Cargo was a highly specced, multi-purpose piece that was built to adapt - the roots of where we'd take the stalwart pack.


The Roadhaul and Roadhaul Plus

This version saw a new design that was big on packing smarter. The generous compartments, pockets, and panels gave the option for separating gear and keeping everything sorted.


The Roadhaul Plus v2

One of our most popular packs was refined – taking it out of the realm of corporate travel and into the modern travel world.

Less weight, less corporate, more flexible

With the biggest aesthetic shift, the Roadhaul Plus v2 wheeled things into a more familiar direction.


The Roadhaul gives way to the Hybrid

Available in both 40L and 65L, the updated pack took adaptive travel to a new level – whether it was for fast-paced adventures or more relaxed holidays. This time around we focused on a more comfortable harness. 

Bigger isn't always better

Based on your travel insights, the first Hybrid arrived in 40L and 65L options - allowing you to pack just what you needed.


The Hybrid Trolley v2

We listened when our customers asked for a lighter, more robust handle system. The updated aluminium alloy handle reduced the overall weight, while maintaining stability. 


It was a big year all round - the Hybrid Trolley, Christchurch airport AND the Kathmandu logo all got an update.


Literoller - the Hybrid Trolley's little sister

With a 30L option, travellers could now wheel their favourite bag from the taxi right onto the plane’s cabin.  


Brighter and Bolder

You told us you wanted more choice for your travels, so we brightened things up with new colours.


The Hybrid Trolley v3

The lightest version to date made every adventure easier – everything from business trips to overseas holidays.


By this stage, our famous Kathmandu green was featured on every black Hybrid Trolley that rolled through airports around the world.


The 30L, 50L and 70L family

The 30L joins the ranks as the go-to option for a bag that does two things with ease.


Version 4: less weight, more comfort

You've loved it over the last 15 years, but we wanted to make it even better. We put your favourite bag under the microscope and reengineered it to create a lighter, more comfortable travel companion. 

You wanted to pack more

We increased capacity and reduced weight by up to 7%.

Little improvements.
Huge difference.

We went under the hood to shave off a few grams.

We can't wait to hear what you think of the New Hybrid Trolley

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