Design & Technology

We firmly believe that design should include, not exclude. We create accessible, multifunctional items that offer something for everyone. Whether our customers are planning a trip to the Himalayas or a trip to the beach, our garments and gear work just as well.

Kathmandu Hikers and TentDesign is a central part of who we are as a company. We employ teams of specialists who are continually improving on our existing products or developing new items. Cross-pollination of ideas is key. Industrial designers, apparel designers, technicians, merchandisers and marketers all contribute their expertise to ensure our products perform optimally and fit a relevant customer need.

In fact, it’s the customer experience that guides us when we sit down to create. What is this type of person looking for, we ask? What need can we meet? What specialised materials could we develop to enhance their comfort? How can we keep the end product affordable for them? We always seek to answer real life needs and create useful, long lasting items.

Quality is another key aspect of our design ethos. Research and testing are all thoroughly undertaken to ensure our products perform to the highest standard. Our customers often travel far and wide with our gear, and we need to deliver goods that can go the distance.

At Kathmandu, we design products that are:

  • Original. We don’t do knock-offs. Everything we create is researched, designed and developed by our specialist design teams.
  • Engineered to perform. Our equipment and garments are put through a barrage of international tests (and given a good thrashing in the field).
  • Technically ingenious. Good design doesn’t have to be complicated. We design to solve problems, not show off a bunch of superficial (and expensive) bells and whistles.