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Tips and Tricks for a Day on the Snow

There’s nothing like the cold to make you feel alive. We believe adventures are a year-round activity and that zing of winter, the wonderful smell of snow, is yet another invitation to enjoy the outdoors. Here are a few of our favourite tips and tricks for having a good day on the snow. 
 Fun on the Snow

  • Gear up: make sure you have right gear – good quality warm layers.
  • Eat a good brekkie: mum knew what she was talking about – a good breakfast will give you the energy and mental sharpness you need for a day on the slopes.
  • Stay hydrated and fed throughout the day: most people find it a bit of a challenge to drink enough water on a cold day – we don’t feel thirst like we do when it’s hot. However, staying hydrated, and eating healthy snacks throughout the day for fuel, will keep you going.
  • Stay warm: if your hands and feet tend to run cold, wear a hat, invest in good quality socks and gloves and pack a few hand-warmers for added comfort.
  • Have the right gear: whether you’re renting or buying ski or boarding gear, make sure your gear is comfortable and well-fitted. If it’s not comfortable, chances are something can be adjusted.
  • Be prepared for rookie mistakes: it takes a while to get into the snow headspace at the beginning of the season – we leave our lift passes in the wrong jacket, forget our gloves, shoot down the slopes as if we haven’t just had six months off. Be aware that mistakes are likely to happen, make and check packing lists, and ski or board conservatively until your muscles remember.
  • Take a lesson: this is a great way to get your legs back and improve your skill-set, especially at the start of the season; lessons aren’t just for beginners!
  • Plan ahead of time: check the weather, check the slopes and make your travel plans ahead of time.
  • Always be prepared: if it’s winter, make sure you’re prepared to spend the night in your car, just in case you get stuck heading to or from the slopes. Have a box in your boot filled with: blankets (including thermal blankets), warm socks, gloves, thermal layers and hats, chocolate or muesli bars, bottled water, a collapsible shovel, an ice scraper, torch, spare batteries, a container of kitty litter or sand (for traction on ice) and basic car care, including jumper leads and snow chains. If you’re travelling for a ski holiday, remember that you can still get stuck even if you’re on vacation: stash the extra blankets from the hotel room in your rental car and make a quick trip to the store to stock up on other things you might need – don’t underestimate the importance of being prepared.
  • Remember there are other things to do in the snow besides ski or board: try a new winter activity for a little variety, like sledding or tubing, snow camping, Nordic skiing, dog-sledding and snow-shoeing; and don’t forget about the classics! Snowball fights and making snow angels and snowmen can be just as much fun as when you were a kid.
  • Have fun: just enjoy your day on the snow!